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Purely organic and based on natural biological farming techniques – we compost community waste bringing land back to life…we can farm practically anywhere!

Our farms are designed to be completely self-sustaining. We build fertility by converting community waste into the very best compost. Bio-Vital™ compost was developed by co-founder, Paul Taylor over four decades of research and application on degraded systems all over the world. Our Bio-VitalTM compost is used to remediate degraded soil and enhance conditions for growing fresh organic produce. This specialist aerobic thermal compost is used to enhance raised growing beds and aquaponic systems.

Depending on local conditions and requirements our modular farming system can include market gardens with raised garden beds, roofed greenhouses, annual row cropping and Permaculture forests. The gardens self-propagate providing on-going seed supply.

Chickens, geese, ducks, and guinea fowl are an essential part of the Hidden Garden design. They help control insects and weeds control and provide eggs and fertiliser. Hidden Garden Sustainable Farms favours Chicken Caravan systems which allows us to move the chickens around, giving them an open area to forage.

The ultimate vision for our farms is that they will be run off the grid, with all electricity and water coming from the site itself. All roofed structures will capture and store water, and if needed other methods for storing water in-ground will also be used. Power from solar and wind generation will be introduced on appropriate sites to supply the farm with its energy needs.

A Hidden Garden Farm is a truly sustainable waste to resource project.

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