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Our Philosophy

We believe people should have the opportunity to put fresh food on their plates no matter where they live.  It shouldn’t have to travel far, and it should be affordable. We don’t believe in waste, but we do believe in its potential to become a truly valuable resource.

At Hidden Garden Sustainable Farms, we believe that a good foundation is the key to lasting success. That’s why we took great care to develop our business on a set of principles to ensure the very best of outcomes for the individual, the community and the planet.

We call them our four pillars of sustainability:

CREATING FOOD – at affordable prices to grow healthy families
We believe that people deserve to eat healthy, vital organic produce no matter where they live, and they shouldn’t have to pay the earth for it. Vital food creates vibrant communities, because after all, we are what we eat. We believe the very best quality food is grown from nature by nature, it is grown locally, and it’s eaten in season.

BUILDING FERTILITY – reviving land sustainably to create a richer earth
We believe in regenerative agriculture. By creating specialised Bio-Vital™ compost, we build soil fertility year upon year, leaving behind a vital asset for future generations. We show how it is possible to build fertility and generate a wealth beyond calculation.

EMPOWERING PEOPLE – educated and self-sufficient, thriving together
We believe we have a responsibility to pass our knowledge on to the next generation and beyond. Growing healthy, sustainable produce for our day to day lives is an essential life skill we should all learn. Our farms become our classrooms.

VIBRANT COMMUNITIES – enhanced and enriched by growing & sharing food
We believe that community is everything! Bringing people together around a table of fresh vital food is one of humankind’s oldest traditions. This simple act forges relationships and strengthens community bonds. We believe all communities deserve to the very best local, sustainable produce for their tables.