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Investing in the future of food.

We build sustainable, organic farms. We can grow quality, affordable food practically anywhere. We compost waste & bring land back to life…we enrich & empower communities.

Hidden Garden – Sustainable Farming

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passionfruit In season now! – eat, cook, try… March 31, 2017 - …recipes from the hidden garden kitchen  Support your local economy by eating fresh and local. It’s better for you and packed with flavour. Our March harvest included fresh, organic okra, bananas, passionfruit, salad leaves, lettuce, eggplant, spring onion, wing beans, red and green chillies, baby capsicum and mizuna…  Why not try … Passionfruit Scientific name: […]
HG general Investing in Christmas February 27, 2017 - With demand exceeding supply… …and exciting new contracts on the horizon, we are looking to raise further capital to develop Hidden Garden Sustainable Farm Christmas Island to its full potential. We have already invested in farm and irrigation equipment adding substantial value to our shareholder’s investment. Additional funds would allow us to establish our retractable […]
Hidden Garden Sustainable Farm Christmas Island okra in season now! eat, cook, try… February 27, 2017 - …recipes from the Hidden Garden kitchen There are so many reasons to eat fresh and local. Eating food in season reduces the energy needed to put food on your plate (less CO2 emissions and less food miles), plus it supports our local economy.  But the main reason is taste – it’s fresher, tastier and better […]
Mark Bennett snake beans HG Our journey to first harvest! February 27, 2017 - What a year 2016 was! In what may well be a world-first, we brought a previously mined site back to life with fertile soil ready for planting. We’ve come a long way since 28 November 2014, when we finally got the green light to start work on our first Hidden Garden Farm on Christmas Island. […]